First of all, it can leverage existing coaxial infrastructure. Because the technology takes advantage of the reuse of legacy coaxial cable, and reduced labor, this can cost as little as 1/4 of an IP upgrade.

Secondly, it can multiple IP cameras on one coaxial cable. Our solution allows you to have a single EOC unit at the control room connected with multiple units on remote camera end.

The last but not least, network cable has a limitation of 100m. When using PoE repeaters, installers must install it every 100m. That said, a camera at 200m requires two repeaters. This will generate extra costs.

To conclude, EOC provides an easy-to-install, transparent network that is very simple to implement and seamless integration between existing coaxial cable and the Ethernet backbone.

The main difference is with PoE or without PoE. If IP camera needs to get PoE power off a switch, please select PoE over Coax. If not, please choose IP over Coax instead. Please note when we talk about PoE over Coax, it means both IP signal data and PoE power.

We have 3 main categories. See below for our suggested purchase guides.

A. IP over Coax
eco-wire100T/R: 200~300m coax cable.
Mini-Wire: 150~250m coax cable, compact size.
B. PoE over Coax:
eco-power100T/R: 200~300m coax cable, 15.4W PoE
eco-power130T/R: 200~300m coax cable, 30W PoE
IPC-600P: 600m~900m over coax cable, 30W PoE
Point-to-multiple point, rack-mountable
If cable quality is uncertain, the IPC-600P is the perfect solution.
Mini-Power: 150~250m over coax cable, 30W PoE, compact size.
C. PoE over Cat:
Cam-Bridge: Managed PoE switch with 200m Ethernet extension
HiPower504: High Power injector, 200m Ethernet PoE extension, supplying power to 4 IP cameras.
PowerCat-130: PoE repeater, 400m achievable.

Our product comes with one-year warranty. If customer needs to extend the period, we're open to discussion.

Yes, we do. We will check the spec and estimate costs and lead time. We have been a well-established OEM manufacturer for renowned companies worldwide.